As a picky eater, my traveling experience in Europe was very interesting when it came to finding something that I would actually enjoy eating. Over the 3 weeks that I spent in Europe I learned some interesting facts about food, and even learned to like some foods that I didn’t before.

  1. In Italian, peperoncini is not pepperoni and when you get a pizza with only peppers instead you may not be as satisfied as you hoped to be.                                            Fun Fact: Italians don’t actually eat pepperoni on their pizza and unless you manage to find an american run pizza shop your pepperoni pizza craving won’t be fulfilled.
  2. While on the topic of pizza, in Europe it isn’t made exactly like it is in the United States. In Italy you won’t find tons of cheese, marinara, and different kinds of meats piled onto your deep pan pizza. The majority of the time, the crust is as thin as a cracker, marinara is substituted for an olive oil and garlic based sauce, cheese is used lightly, and mixing meats is just weird to Italians.
  3. Burger King may not be as popular in the United States, but in Europe you can find them on every corner. Ranch on the other hand was quite rare, you may go your entire trip without ever being able to dip your fries or burger in the tasty dressing, so if you’re like me and don’t particularly like ketchup or mayo you might want to get used to eating your food condiment free.
  4. Belgium waffles aren’t the butter and syrup covered goodness that you typically think of. They’re usually covered in tons of fruit, chocolate, powdered sugar or whipped cream, and syrup isn’t commonly found in the markets that sell waffles.
  5. Fresh water is surprisingly very hard to find. Most places only sell sparkling water and you have to push to get a glass of tap water, and you can forget about receiving ice in your drink because that will almost 100% never happen.
  6. Breakfast is every child’s dream, aside from the normal omelet or fruit, sometimes cake is served. What Americans usually think of as dessert is a common breakfast treat.
  7. GELATO IS NOT THE SAME AS ICE CREAM. It is so much better and if you don’t try an actual European made gelato once in your life you have not lived.
  8. I had always wanted to try macaroons, but my first impression was not great. I personally thought they tasted like soap, but to each their own.
  9. Although the thought of even trying squid made me cringe, I put that aside for one moment and now I am a huge fan of calamari.
  10. The bowls of liquid on the table are not soup.. I repeat they are not soup. They’re used to wash your hands before eating, and although I had seen people making the same mistake in movies, I still second guessed what it really was.

    Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash